Katharina Pass

Katharina Pass, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Health Coach.

18-04-2020Katharina Pass

You can do free online fitness and wellness classes with all of these generous people during the period of quarantine. You will find them all https://www.facebook.com/groups/MajorcaMallorca where they share their skills and expertise daily.

Katharina Pass, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Health Coach.

VMc: How did you get into what you are doing?

KP: For almost all of my life I have loved to move my body and keep myself healthy. It's just my passion to share my love and knowledge with others! I started with ballet, running, pilates and later I got more into strength training and yoga. For many years I worked as a group fitness trainer, athletic & mobility coach, personal trainer and yoga teacher in germany, until my boyfriend Steve and I started our own companies “Fit-Perform” and “Yogalife Mallorca” in early 2018 here on Majorca. I really love to help other people to shine their light and live their full potential!! Helping them to connect with their intuition and heart space. It's just so amazing to see them healthy, happy and in balance with their body, mind and soul!!!

VMc:Have you seen any benefits to the period of quarantine personally?

KP: Yes! We have built a relationship to our neighbours and it's just a great feeling of community! Also to connect "online" on social media, for the first time I feel really connected to every single person - what a great way to share and grow closer! I think it's a good time to reflect and be clear about what really matters and what not.

VMc: Has the lockdown changed the way you do business? Will you offer more courses online or remotely now?

KP: Yes, definitely! We had to jump into "cold water" Starting with online live classes, I was really afraid and nervous in the beginning! But we absolutely love going “ live” now everyday! And yes, we are planning to do more online programs in the future!

VMC: Any message for the readers?

KP:To all you beautiful souls! Keep going, keep smiling, keep shining - you are not alone. We are all in this together! Use this special time to realign with yourself, give yourself the permission to FEEL it all, feel yourself. Everything is welcome, all feelings and emotions. Move your body, do exercise, Yoga, dance, shake,...be creative, do whatever feels good for you! Sit down and meditate, or just sit and be still, just be and breathe. Write down three things that you are grateful for everyday. Drink lots of water and eat your veggies, but also have a piece of yummy chocolate if you feel like it!

www.yogalifemallorca.com, www.fit-perform.com

Ian Craig Pickles. Dance Teacher

VMc: How are you coping in the lockdown?

IP: I'm keeping fit for myself and trying to involve others with my online dance classes. I also have a large garden to keep me busy and a German shepherd so we are doing well.

VMc: What have you learnt about yourself?

IP: That I can cope , but that a lot of people can't. To be fair I have used this time as a rest, I have had a busy three years driving to the UK two or three times a month with my other business transporting pets, and continuing with the dance classes. The one thing you can guarantee when learning to dance: everything that is going on in the world goes away even if it's only for an hour. My business like many others has had to stop. But my dancing classes will start again in Pollensa, Portals, Magaluf and Santa Ponsa when all this is behind us. Tel: (0034) 606 672 419

Raiza Red, Yoga Instructor/ Herbalist/ Private Chef

VMc: How did you get into yoga?

RR: When I was eight years old, I walked by a group of children doing yoga outside of a local Ashram. They invited me to join in and I loved it so much, they kindly gifted me a well worn copy of Sivananda's Companion to Yoga, the rest is history! I believe conscious movement aligned with breath work is incredibly healing and a major key to optimal wellbeing that I'm inspired to share with others.

VMc: How are you?

RR: Though I miss the beach terribly, I'm actually quite content teaching Yoga and Meditation online, delving deeper into my Herbalism studies and soaking up the rays of sunshine on my balcony, for now.

VMc: What have you learnt from this experience?

RR: While we're more alike than we think, we each have our own unique perspective on life and it is so important to speak our truth in a loving, kind way if we wish to be understood and heard in the collective. I benefit from the recent stillness of my once hectic mornings, which allows me to deepen my own personal practice and inspires more creativity in my teaching style. Life is an ever-changing flux of wondrous beauty, chaos and adventure, so enjoy each passing moment with grace and an open heart. This too shall pass!

VMc:How has the lockdown changed your business?

RR: Yes, I used to only teach in studios, private homes and retreats where as now, I teach online live or on my YouTube channel. I have created an on demand Yoga website and YouTube channel, Raiza Red Yoga, plus I currently offer free live stream classes, weekdays at 9am.


Jacqui Roberts, Equine Minds Mallorca, Heart Math Coaching

VMc: How have you been doing during lockdown?

JR: This is a vortex of practicalities and emotions all rolled into one. I have never been someone to sit still or really take one day at a time even though it’s something I avócate but how much do we really take our own advice “honestly, but I have learnt wholeheartedly how to do this now. Even though my project “Equine Minds Mallorca'' hasn’t been able to get going because of location, my HeartMath coaching is really taking off. Since lockdown I’ve been contacted by people reaching out saying “oh I’ll give that a go”. It’s been a real pleasure to help people in their times of need and watch them discover different parts of themselves.

VMc: Do you have a message for the readers?

JR: We have an opportunity now to have the freedom to change things like never before. Acknowledge, shift, reset. Through corona Majorca has shown us that we are loved and supported, there IS the help if you need it. We need to look after ourselves in order to look after others and everyday I see more and more love and gratitude from this incredible island. I feel incredibly lucky.


Neil Selway, Health and Fitness Coach

VMc: How are you coping with the lockdown?

NS: Well this has been an interesting experience that’s for sure. The six months pre-COVID 19 I had already begun creating a fitness app, so really it was a great way to put more focus into various other options with regards to training people at a distance, be it through Video training, distance programming, and not just 1-1 and group training. Another coach and I (Marzena Kaczynska) created daily training videos for the people of the island (and others across the world) basically straight after they announced the lockdown. We felt we could use our talents to give back to the community, and get people interested in fitness. It has been fantastic doing these videos and a lot of fun, especially working with Marzena, she’s a one of a kind!

VMc: How do you think this has changed people’s views about fitness?

RS: Well this period has given a push to those people that were on the fence about getting fit, basically because there’s nothing much else to do in some cases. I think it has opened their eyes as to how just a little everyday can make a great difference.

VMc: Will you offer more courses online or remotely now?

RS: Well it was already in its infancy with the RX FITNESS TRAINING app, it has given me an even bigger drive to explore that area.



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