Mission complete..Mrs Bumble

Mission complete..Mrs Bumble.

11-05-2020Caroline Fuller

“I got her, I got her”, I can tell o/h is delighted for me. “Oh very good my love.” He is toiling away in the garden doing a bit of heavy duty weed removal before they take over the planting beds, whilst I have been on a very important mission.

This garden has a way of stealing time, its nearly three and a half hours after I was rudely tapped awake by our two boy collies deciding it was time for breakfast. I collected my morning coffee, fed all four dogs, checked on khan (he is in) and for once put actual clothes on instead of pottering in my pj’s. I have collected snails, checked for new seedlings, helped the beans wind up their canes, tweaked the new shoots from the tomatoes and ensured their strings are in the right place.

I have pulled a few weeds, noted where a few courgette need cutting before the plant thinks it’s finished, tied up the corn after it’s battering in the heavy wind and rain yesterday, fed the chickens, checked for eggs and run away from the broody hen who is quite viscous and chases you to peck your legs and feet if you get to close to her nest (she has no eggs in it but try telling her that!).

I’m in a lovely Facebook group called Mallorca Gardeners to give and pick up a few gardening tips and for plant swapping, yesterday from this group I learned about a new spray to make, that should control aphids naturally. The mix is two cups of tomato leaves and two cups of water, steep overnight, strain and add two more cups of water. (Throw leaves away and spray the problem area with the liquid).

Easy peasy so add spraying the un identified fruit tree to my list of completed jobs this morning. Ok not very exhausting but pottering is crucial to a happy garden. By the time o/h was ready for a sit down from his weeding exercise I had spent the last hour with my phone in hand snapping new pictures and trying to complete my important mission.

I had followed this little lady around the garden waiting for my opportunity which finally arrived when she settled in a flower right in front of me, so Mrs Bumblebee welcome to my photo archives. We have plenty of honey bees in the garden but this busy little lady is the first one to stay in the garden for any length of time that I have noticed, so the reason for my delight is that we are clearly doing something right and she was not alone there were two others this morning but it’s asking a bit much to get three in a photo.

Happy pottering everyone and if you get chance check out the Facebook group I mentioned, they are lovely helpful people.


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