Socially distancing Pontiac Fiero.

Socially distancing Pontiac Fiero.


The resilience of the human mind never fails to amaze. One minute we’re all locked up at home doing online yoga, binge watching Netflix, drinking Quarantinies, adding pounds and fretting about the end of our jobs and the world in general. Next, as soon as the key is even half turned in the lock, we’re off and out of that door. Now the challenge will be for us to curb our enthusiasm and stay far enough apart so the dreaded virus second wave doesn’t wash over us and pour cold water over this new everything.

One of the most prized things in this new life will be virus immunity, this could well be the ‘new black’. Undoubtedly it will spark off something which I’ve called ‘Immunity Envy’. That’s because we’d all like to be out of reach of this thing and are ready to move on. Ideally we’d like to skip this next phase please and move straight into herd immunity. Because even though a lot of the world has been part unlocked we are still very restricted. And undoubtedly will remain so for a long time to come. It will take us an equally long time to get used to this. Please note I’ve tried to resist the phrase ‘new normal’ I know it’s very descriptive but has become rather overused.

Just as an aside, going back to lockdown weight gain, I’ve actually lost several kilos. Quite proud of that, but it may well be down to my recent ‘fear and beer’ diet. A totally unobjective survey of friends and acquaintances indicates about 80% gained some weight. However now that we’ve been allowed to see a few of them, albeit some at distance, everyone looks remarkably well and rested, although some are a little creaky on the tennis court judging by the exclamations. One other thing we’re going to need to think about now is improved diction and hearing to communicate from further away. Megaphone sales may rise.

The weekly car meet has also been unlocked and now for the first time we can gather outdoors in small groups. That’s one of the great benefits of a warm climate, the outdoor transmission rate is quite low so bar and restaurant terraces have partially opened. That will present bigger challenges in climates where the hospitality business is predominantly indoors.

Luckily that’s not the case in Majorca and the first cars descended on Calanova Port and their terrace last Wednesday evening. It all started with the pocket rockets, those irrepressible little Fiat Abarths, adventurous all the way, they were first out of the door. The meeting was a combination of the virtual and the real. We may well continue like that in future so all those petrolheads unable to be there in person can still enjoy the camaraderie. This week I’ve shown you a couple of pics from the live meeting and some from the virtual.

I’m just off to get my tape measure to make sure I know what 2 metres looks like. Stay safe and see you next week.

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