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In 2004, the Tianna Negre bodega project was started. Xisca Morey, architect and manager, says that “wine is like an architectural project”. “It is the objective attained from the premise that gives you the field, the vineyard, the climate and from that which you want to undertake ... For the whole year, you work with the fruit of the harvest, and that wine is the work that is realised.”

There are some fifty hectares of organic vineyards on red soil in Binissalem and Consell.
These mostly have local varieties: Manto Negro, Callet, Gorgollasa, Escursaç for reds, and Prensal blanc, Giró Ros and Moscatell de Frontignac for whites. The 2020 harvest produced around 350,000 kilos of grapes.

The architecture of Celler Tianna Negre is an elegant example of architectural design, functionality and respect for the environment. It is a spectacular building, surrounded by vineyards fully integrated into the environment and with optimal conditions for energy use, work and productivity.

Up to November 19, Majorca Daily Bulletin readers can, at a price of 49.95€, obtain a case of six bottles from Bodegas Tianna Negre. This includes a really interesting selection of wines plus a bottle of Muntaner Vermouth from the Antonio Nadal Distilleries, which is made with a Prensal Blanc wine base and macerated with a dozen botanicals.

Sergi Silguero, the bodega’s winemaker, has selected: Ses Nines Blanc de Blancs (White 2019), Ses Nines Rosat (Rosé 2019), Ses Nines Negre Selecció 07/9 (Red 2018), Ses Nines Blanc Selecció 07/9 (White 2019) and Ses Nines Negre (Red 2018).

As previously, purchasing this case of six bottles with home delivery is as simple as sending a WhatsApp to 645 852 817, indicating the address and contact details.
Innovation and development are keywords at Tianna Negre.

The philosophy of the bodega is to be found in the vineyards all year round. The harvest is manual and for the production there is a combination of classical processes and the highest-level winemaking technology.

Made using long-ago traditional methods, absinthe stands out and gives the bitterness of old vermouths.

The wines of the promotion:

Prensal blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat de Frontignan.
Pale yellow with greenish flashes, intense aromas with a predominance of white fruit and citrus tones. On the palate it is direct with a fresh and dry finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Manto Negro, Syrah.
Pale pink, soft aromas of grapefruit and pomegranate. On the palate, citrus tones stand out; light and fresh with a long and pleasant finish.

Manto Negro, Syrah, Merlot, Callet, Cabernet, Gorgollasa.
Five months in the barrel. Cherry colour and a violet trim. Aromas of fresh red fruits and of spices. Silky in the mouth; easy to drink with a fresh and clean finish.

SELECCIO 07/9, White 2019
Prensal blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat de Frontignan.
Eight weeks in the barrel for the Chardonnay. Pale white, the aroma of ripe fruits with intense floral tones. In the mouth it is complex; silky with a balance between floral and fruity tones.

SELECCIÓ 07/9, Red 2018
Merlot, Manto Negro, Syrah, Callet, Cabernet.
Twelve months in the barrel. Garnet colour, intense aroma with balsamic and red fruit tones. Lively in the mouth with character and a long and intense aftertaste.

Prensal blanc and macerated with 12 botanicals.
Intense yellow, very aromatic and pleasant on the palate with strong hints of herbs and spices; balanced and tasty. Wormwood stands out, the plant that provides the bitterness of classic vermouths.

Celler Tianna Negre
Camí des Mitjans
07350 Binissalem


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