First episode of new series.

First episode of new series.


Could do better. The first episode of the new series of The Mallorca Files showed the island in a great light, with the Caves of Drach, Palma´s Treatro Principal, the auditorium and Old Palma all looking fantastic: 10/10

The acting: was average but Elen Rhys and Julian Looman are now bonding on screen. 7/10.

The Plot: rather poor and disjointed: 6/10.

Overall: The Mallorca Files is good afternoon entertainment and show the very best of Majorca.

Overall scores: 8/10.

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Adam / Hace 8 months

Oh it’s actually very German in quality (typical zdf feelgood Krimi), but oh so nice to see Majorca, and the acting is not that bad. I love it.


E Weldon / Hace 9 months

I missed my four visits to my second home this year and its 1degree dark clouds and threatening to snow later here in Scotland! Lockdown was a sitting with my Mum watching Mallorca Files and spotting all the places we have seen in Mallorca= yes the acting is getting better but still wooden and the plot/storyline debateable but it gave us Sunshine and the chance to see our favourite second home as we won't be over this year either if Scottish Government have their way banning International Travel- Oh well watching Mallorca Files on BBC I-player next for our little piece of Mallorcan sunshine!


Mary / Hace 9 months

Being confined to sunny Scotland for the whole of 2020 due to Lockdowns and various travel restrictions I can assure you Mallorca’s Files are an absolute treat . Watching out for places we recognise, seeing sunshine on our second home , who cares about the story line or the acting??? We just adore revelling in it and dreaming of the day we can return to our holiday haven. An absolute treat to us poor Brits.


Fred / Hace 9 months

What a great shame the Sound Track is still very poor quality.


Yogi / Hace 9 months

The MDB has been plugging this show relentlessly for the past weeks. And then on launch day it gets such a lukewarm review. I don’t think any of us thought it would ever win any awards, it’s daytime TV after all. Shame they haven’t kicked off season two with a stormer of an episode though. I thought the show improved as it went along last year but perhaps having to curtail shooting this year and to only be able to stitch together six episodes exposes just how thin this production really is.


Majorca fan / Hace 9 months

Just watched it and enjoyed. I know it’s daft but so funny watching the reverse stereotypes. True European enjoyment as it should be.


James / Hace 9 months

I gave up after episode 3 of the first series. Whilst it makes Mallorca look great the acting is third rate and the unrealistic plots and aloof personalities means that its neither drama or comedy. It's just not very good, how if got a second series is beyond me. 🤷‍♂️