New series of The Mallorca Files. | ARCHIVO

Fans of the hit BBC series The Mallorca Files could soon have a treat in store. Series 2, which was screened on BBC1 until Monday, was originally meant to have 10 episodes but because of Covid-19 it was reduced to just 6.

Showrunner and lead writer Dan Sefton told The Radio Times: “We’ve still got four great episodes on the page, so I’m disappointed that we haven’t been able to make them… yet. We were about to start filming the episode of one of our new young writers and also had a great finale planned that was going to be really high energy and exciting. I’m hopeful, though, that if this series goes down well, we’ll still get a chance to have them produced."

“We’re in the lucky position of having developed a lot of stories for season three already, so we’re not short of material and there’s a lot of life left in the show if the audience agrees.”

A statement from the show to The Radio Times: “In the meantime, the team are continuing to develop a third season of The Mallorca Files, which will pick up the story of Miranda and Max, including those adventures the crew weren’t able to film this time around.”