Robbie Williams rocked Ibiza on Thursday night. | Irene Arango

Apparently the rumours have been circling for weeks that British mega star Robbie Williams was going to pull off a surprise gig in Ibiza and he did on Thursday night 528 Gardens.

The British singer, dressed in shorts, matching shirt and flashy trainers, won over the audience from the very start.

Robbie Williams rocked Ibiza on Thursday night.

He sang a couple of songs and then continued to provide music in the DJ booth, playing the role of master of ceremonies and getting everyone in the audience dancing.

He also interacted with the audience, dancing on stage and high-fiving whoever was closest to him, delighting the audience with some of his best-known songs.

Robbie Williams’ performance took place in the 528 Gardens amphitheatre.
This is an open-air area located in the hills of Benimussa which is famous for its music and great food.