Zoe Saldaña on location in Mallorca. | Vanity Fair Instagram/Joan LLado

The highly anticipated series Special Ops: Lioness, which stars Zoe Saldaña, Morgan Freeman and Nicole Kidman and was shot on location in various parts of Mallorca earlier this year, is apparently all set to premiere on Paramount+ next month.

Paramount+ have released the following plot details on the series:

“SPECIAL OPS: LIONESS is based on a real-life programme and follows Cruz Manuelos (De Oliveira), a rough-around-the-edges but passionate young Marine recruited to join the Lioness Engagement Team to help bring down a terrorist organization from within. Saldaña will play Joe, the station chief of the Lioness program tasked with training, managing and leading her female undercover operatives.”

Australian Oscar winner Kidman is not only an executive producer of the series but she stars as CIA Senior Supervisor Kaitlyn Meade, who has a history of playing and surviving the political game.

Zoe Saldaña has appeared in some of the biggest blockbusters in modern times Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers movies and is considered the most bankable actor/actress in Hollywood right now.

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In fact, while Zoe was on the island she continued working on Guardians of the Galaxy at the Palma Music Studios.

Freeman will play Edwin Mullins, the U.S. Secretary of State. Interestingly, this is not the first time Freeman has played a high-ranking member of the U.S. government.

He previously played the U.S. President in the film ‘Deep Impact, and the Speaker of the House who becomes acting President in the film ‘Olympus Has Fallen’.

His character in the latter film became Vice President in the sequel, ‘London Has Fallen’, and President in the third film, ‘Angel Has Fallen’.

He also played the director of the CIA in the film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s ‘The Sum of All Fears’ and Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in a guest role on the CBS show ‘Madam Secretary’, which he executive produced.