Well, in the aftermath of the local elections last month, most people through were set for weeks if not months of squabbling between the left wing parties as they fought to build a coalition worthy of forming a government, parliament, island councils and local councils.
So, far, so good and on the face of things, the political process appears to be taking its course relatively smoothly with the likes of the new Mayor of Palma, having already laid out his stall of policies for the municipality and many others are following suit.
But, three is a crowd. Many may remember how the left wing coalition, in which Francina Armengol was President of the Council of Majorca and spokesperson for the Socialist Party, disintegrated from the inside out, paving the way for Bauza to lead the PP back to power with a storming majority, which he subsequently lost and the party is still looking for.
There was in fighting in the PP, Bauza fell out with one time best mate Mateo Isern the Mayor of Palma and Bauza, despite having pledged to defend the party through the good and bad time is now slipping off to Madrid with Isern tipped for greater things.
And, Més, Podemos and the Socialists are already arguing and bartering for positions and power and there is still no guarantee that Armengol will receive all the support she needs to be elected President.
 Only four years to go...