It  is a headline writer´s dream but it is certainly a real mess! The left-wing nationalist party, Més, will not decide until tomorrow whether or not they will back a new left-wing Balearic coalition government. In other-words they can´t even agree whether or not to form a coalition government so  what are they going to be like if and when they ever decide to form a government? The problem with the local election result last month was that not one single party achieved a significant share of the vote. The Partido Popular saw their share of  the vote nose-dive and while they were the most voted party they were not in a position to form a Balearic government. So the Spanish Socialist Party thought that they would have a go and so far they have almost been successful. But they need the support of Més, who have decided to keep us all waiting until Thurday. Now, in previous left-wing Balearic governments, the Spanish Socialist Party were clearly in the driving seat which made forming a coalition government relatively simple. But on this occasion, they are not. Infact they need the support of Més and Podemos, the anti-austerity protest party, to have a majority. I suspect that finally all three will agree on a pact but will this coalition government actually work? Well so far it doesn´t look good. Probably one of the easiest options would be to call early elections but at the moment it appears that the islands could be politically ungovernable.


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