By Jason Moore

Politics is a cruel game and there are no prizes for second place. Former Balearic President and leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauza, nnounced that he would be stepping down over the coming days after internal fighting within his own party. There had been calls for Bauza to resign hours after the Partido Popular debacle in the local elections in May. He announced that he was going after the summer. Not soon enough for some within his own party. So on Thursday he announced that he would be going now rather than later. Now obviously it was only right that Bauza should go. The Partido Popular suffered a massive defeat in the local elections but the party suffered nationwide not just in the Balearics. Also, it must be remembered that Bauza took the Partido Popular to a landslide victory in the local elections four years ago. What concerns me is that the Balearics need a decent opposition party because key Balearic institutions will be ruled by a coalition which could be described as shaky to say the least. I would say that Bauza should remain in place until a new leader is found. To make matters worse Bauza is not going on his own free will, he is being forced out by his own party which is still coming to terms with the massive election defeat. Bauza lost the support of the people of the Balearics for many reasons but I would say that his biggest mistake was not listening to the people. He rode rough shot rather than listening.


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