The idea of sending British police officers to help patrol Magalluf would have probably caused more problems than it solved. At the end of the day why should British tax-payers foot the bill for a policing operation in a foreign country? I don´t think that the local authorities would have helped pay for the British policing operation and I sincerely doubt that they would have been effective because they would have had limited powers. It was a nice idea by the local authorities. In other-words they were saying to the British government, you can help us control your rowdy tourists. But at the end of the day Magalluf is a Spanish resort and it should be policed by Spanish police officers.  I do believe that more police officers are needed in Magalluf but they should be Spanish police officers not from any other country. I heard the Central government delegate Teresa Palmer make her appeal for British police to be sent to the island in Palma last year. It appeared that she was asking for scores  of officers to be posted to Magalluf. This was never the case. If anything Britain would have sent two or three police officers who would have been based in Magalluf more in a liason capacity than an operational one. But in the end the idea was rejected by the Home Office, which was not really a surprise. The local authorities should sort out Magalluf, they should not need to turn to other countries for help. Magalluf is a Majorca problem.