We all know the Balearics has some of the best beaches in the world, and we don’t need travel websites to tell us that every year, just drive around the islands and have a look.

We also have some of the most luxurious and unique hotels in Europe but now, not only do we have some of the best restaurants, for example El Pais newspaper stated at the start of the year that Marc Fosh’s Simply Fosh is one of the five restaurants which have to be visited this year in Spain, Palma now has the best bar in the Balearics, and one of the top ten bars in Spain, and that really is saying something.

And, what is a coincidence is that, add Can Eduardo, hailed as the best fish restaurant in Palma, into the mix and there is a very British and Irish  flavour to each one. The owners and executive chefs at both restaurants are British and Irish  and behind the bar at Ginbo is a Londoner who is also the proudest Mod in town. OK, it’s hot, but let’s not be whinging poms!