As soon as the reintroduction of the tourist tax was mentioned by the new left wing coalition government, the majority of people, individuals to hotel owners and resort business owners began to get hot under the collar.

However, let us not jump the gun. The government has made it clear that it is not going to rush into introducing the tax, it wants the tourist industry as a whole to be properly regulated first so there are no loop holes and all tourists pay the levy

And, if  you have ever been skiing in France over the past 20 years, you would have paid  the bed tax, same thing different name and the country is still the most popular ski destination in the world.

Yes, there are going to differing opinions.

Some hotel federations, namely the Playa de Palma, have welcomed the idea,  providing money raised is invested in improving resort infrastructure and facilities for local businesses and visitors.

On the other hand, the local environmental organisations would like to see funds raised ploughed into preserving and protecting the environment.

Both are very sensible and valid causes and the government will have to balance carefully where the money goes.
After all, if that money is used to make the Balearics even more special, unique  and attractive then most people will not mind spending an extra few euros on a tax if they know the money is being used wisely.