The other day some rather senior officials from the new city council visited our offices to discuss their plans for the next four years. I must admit I was pretty blunt when I urged them to make Palma a winter getaway holiday destination by encouraging more shops to open on a Sunday and try and get more winter flights. I also said that it was important that Palma festivities such as the open air concerts for San Sebastian and even the Three Kings parade were promoted across Europe as an added reason to come to Palma on holiday during the winter. Their response was upbeat; they also see Palma as a winter holiday destination but ofcourse they are trapped in the usual problem of more flexible opening hours for shops. Now obviously the bigger stores want to open on a Sunday. If the Sunday opening scheme was extended across Palma then it would be the large stores which would open their doors and the smaller one which would complain. It is obviously a fine balance. But I do believe that the council should let the shop owners decide when they open or close and not introduce senceless legislation. If the big stores want to open on a Sunday well allow them to do so. If the smaller ones want to remain closed then it is their decision. What the new council must realise is that you can´t have your cake and eat it. You can´t be friends with all. Let them open on a Sunday, it will bring the city to life, I say.