Magalluf is making headlines and filling pages of newspapers in the UK again this summer but for a slightly different reason. Some of the red tops began the season trying to revive the sex, drugs and alcohol tales of last year, but they soon got bored after it soon became clear that the new crackdown on anti-social behaviour is having an effect.

But then, PC Martina Anderson and Sgt. Brett Williams appeared on the scene and the British media swung into overdrive.

As the British Ambassador told the Bulletin yesterday, “everything has to be taken in context.” And these two officers, who are literally taking the bullet for the British police because it could have been any two officers with a knowledge of Spanish posted out here, are having their every moved followed. It is nearly 40ºC and they decided to use their lunch break to have a swim. Well who would not? For sure some of their Spanish colleagues are doing the same when they have a break.

It was made clear yesterday that this is a pilot scheme, they are not here to drag people off the streets of Magalluf at 3am in the morning, that is the job of the Spanish police. What they are here for is to offer support to their Spanish colleagues, share experiences and also offer assurance and comfort to British holidaymakers who may end up in a spot of bother.

So, I think they deserve a break.