There are two sides to every story and neither one should be ignored. Yes, the local authorities, security services and the British government are pleased and proud that there are two members of the British police on the beat in the Balearics for two weeks, but the pilot scheme has had its critics. Never mind the British press which has been providing Big Brother-esque daily updates about the every move of the two Bobbies, but what are people saying on the streets?

On Friday, I received a series of calls from major bar owners in Magalluf who were keen to point out that, despite the figure provided by the Magalluf Hoteliers Association, the situation on the strip is similar to last year and that, in their opinion, having two Bobbies on the beat for a week during the day was a waste of time and money and a "simple PR stunt. It’s a joke," I was told, in no uncertain terms.

Let us see what the conclusion is after their week in Ibiza.