We are often told that we are facing a new Cold War. The European Union has imposed sanctions on Russia, and Russian military aircraft fly close to our soverign airspace. France has cancelled a contract with Russia for new assualt ships and NATO have warned of the Russian threat. But the news obviously hasn't reached Spain. The Spanish government is allowing Russian submarines to re-supply at their African enclave of Ceuta. The latest Russian visitor was the super-stealth submarine Novorossiysk which stopped in Ceuta on 27 August. Nothing was said by the Spanish government and Ceuta is rapidly becoming a major stopping point for Russian vessels. Now, just across the water is the Gibraltar Royal Navy base which welcomes British and US submarines on a regular basis. Is Spain proving a very dangerous point? Is the Spanish government allowing Russian submarines to visit Spanish ports as a protest over nuclear submarines at Gibraltar? Well I sincerely doubt it because after all Spain is a member of the European Union and NATO. The recent visit by the RFS Novorossiysk has caused quite an outcry and quite rightly so. But why Ceuta? Is Spain just allowing Russian warship to visit its overseas territories rather than the mainland? It is certainly a curious state of affairs. There must be a sensible reason but I do believe that it has something to do with Gibraltar. Spain appears to be playing games over the “Rock” again.