It is not only here in the Balearics where the so-called "loony left" has caused some concern since coming to power with some of its policies and pledges, but it is refreshing to see that politicians are at least thinking as opposed to simply lining their pockets with public funding and taxpayers' money. The latest idea has come from the left-wing mayor of Madrid. She has a new plan to help clean up the city’s streets ... get university students to do the sweeping.

The mayor said city hall was "trying to implement a university social service scheme" so that university students could "help sweep up" the capital. By signing up to the initiative, the former member of the Communist Party argued that universities would become "managers of the big events concerning young people" such as botellons - when young people congregate and drink in public and when, according to the mayor, "the rubbish that builds up is incalculable". Make people responsible for the environment they live in. Makes sense to me.