When I interviewed the Balearic minister for tourism, Biel Barcelo, I suggested that they should do more to promote local cuisine. He agreed and said he found it quite outrageous that local cafes offered croissants rather than ensaimadas. And it is a good point. But first you need the local restaurants which serve local food and then you can start working. Last Saturday I headed to Alcudia for their big fair which was fantastic. Now, I know the port of Alcudia but I am not too familiar with the town. After a morning exploring the fair I headed off in search of a restaurant serving typical local food. I didn’t realise that it would be so difficult. Now, there are some excellent Italian restaurants and all sorts of fast food places but I felt like some good old sopa Mallorquina, frito and with a bit of luck arroz brut. After searching the area around the main square I finally asked a local policeman if there were any typical Majorcan restaurants. He had a long hard think and told me that most of the restaurants were really aimed at tourists. Well to cut a long story short I finally discovered a sort of typical Majorcan restaurant and the food was very good. But it got me thinking: how are tourists to try local cuisine if there aren’t any restaurants which serve it?  It just confirmed my theory: these days it is easy to find a slice of pizza than a typical local dish. This is a great shame, because Majorcan cuisine is good and should be tried by all.