Oliver Stone rolled into town this week, attracting members of the media from across Spain and even Europe - even he was surprised by the turnout.

But it was interesting is that he is balanced, grounded and fair in his criticism of people he feels have let the United States down, and most of them are fellow Americans. We knew he would take a swipe at George W. Bush, about whom he made an excellent film, but he was also critical of Obama who he had expected to have been "smarter, more progressive and transparent".

It appears that Stone feels let down by Obama and blames him for extending the militarisation of the world which George W. began. His book The Untold History of The United States sounds fascinating and is now at the top of my reading list. It's a fact based book about the real history, of which he played a part fighting in Vietnam - voluntarily - of the mighty USA, which he blames for all the current problems in the most; in particular the rise in extremist terrorism.