Headline-grabbing headlines can be very dangerous. The opposition Partido Popular, who were ejected from government at the last local elections, have gone on the warpath over the tourist tax. According to the Partido Popular, tourists for the new left-wing coalition are a nuisance rather than a friend. I would urge the party to withdraw the comment before it reaches the British and German media. I have made my view on the tourist tax very clear in this space; I think that if it is properly administered and provided that the revenue is well spent on improving resorts then it is not a bad idea. But the tax should not be used as a political football which will only benefit competing resorts. When I interviewed the Balearic minister for tourism, Biel Barcelo, he said that the money from the tax would make Majorca a better place. He also underlined the importance of tourism for the local economy and for the need for tourists to feel welcome in these islands. No one in their right mind believes that tourists are a nuisance. We need tourists. I sincerely hope that the various opposition group will remember that as well. Some may say that the tax is not a great idea and the money could be raised by other means. And they might be right, but if this project is to work successfully then we must all work as one. The opposition can complain all they like, but how would they solve the funding crisis which the local authorities face?


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Mike Richards / Hace over 6 years

"No one in their right mind believes that tourists are a nuisance."

You've obviously not been in any resort after midnight.


Tina / Hace over 6 years

Hotels refused to give passports back until the monies were paid during the last period when this tax was introduced, an excellent public relations exercise. Jason the funds raised will never be spent eel, this is Mallorca after all !!!! Mallorca should learn to budget more effectively instead of having a spend spend spend mentality, however, they all voted for a three way LEFT WING party. All that will happen is that by 2018 tourist numbers will drop and we will see "to rent" and "for sale" signs everywhere, lack of investment in upgrading all the outdated hotels. However, great news for us locals, no need to reserve restaurant tables, less traffic on the roads, more space on the beaches. This will hit the press Jason in England and I would think their will be some very damaging articles within at least 6 months.


Steve Riches / Hace over 6 years

Tourists wishing to come to Mallorca will study only one thing. Cost. Anything that adds to it will make people look elsewhere. No tourist is going to say "Ooh, I feel so sorry for these local authorities running short of money because the politics is wrong. Yes please, I'd love to contribute extra to get them out of a hole" It's such an out-of-touch view. Make tourists welcome and happy, let them spend freely to enhance the local economy, and let their money circulate for the common good. Don't take it off them as soon as they arrive to make up shortfalls in the local council's budgets. Even if some of it does find its way to some environmental projects (unlikely, given the lessons of the past) it's all the wrong way round. First get a thriving tourist economy: second - spend the extra income from it in proper ways.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

So,we are nuisances now,well don't worry,when you are all back on your donkeys,you can reflect on how glad you are to be rid of all those nuisances.