A dramatic and interesting week for the tourist industry. Firstly, there was the announcement that the British travel firm Jet2 would be introducing a winter tourism programme to Majorca and then the Balearic government unveiled their plans for a tourist tax. Some would say that it was a bitter and sour week for tourism, others will say that it is the start of a major change. Tourism to the island is changing. Out with the old ... in with the new. The new Majorca is more upmarket and more expensive, the old Majorca was your traditional bucket-and-spade holiday which offered value for money. Millions of euros are being poured into local hotels and resorts, and the tourist tax will mean that the local authorities have more money to spend on improving resorts. Now, I am not saying that Majorca is moving away from its traditional foundations but it is certainly heading upmarket. Perhaps 2015 will go down in history as the year that Majorca changed. Only time will tell.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 6 years

This island will ignore the traditional beach holiday/mass tourism at its peril. It's not my cup of tea but it brings in volume spending and fills hotel rooms . There's no reason why it shouldn't run along with the more upmarket stuff, anyway. It seems, Jason, that you've either truly accepted that the Tourist Tax will bring advantages, OR you've been subtly "got at" and had to change your tune to save your bacon. I suspect the latter, but whichever it is, the Tourist Tax is a massive mistake and you will have to report on that fact eventually.