The Bulletin is in the process of producing a special supplement for the forthcoming World Travel Market tourism fair in London which will be distributed at the fair early next month. The Balearic tourism minister, Biel Barcelo, has written a message to visiting British tourists giving an up-date on the controversial tourist tax. In his message he gives an example: a family of four with two children under 14 years staying in high season for eight days in a four-star hotel will have to pay 18.4 pounds (25 euros). If they prefer a three-star hotel, the tax will be 11.75 pounds (16 euros). So really, despite all the criticism and claims, we are not talking big sums of money. Granted it is a tax and no one likes paying taxes but this is a surcharge which will make the island a better place. Now over the coming weeks I suspect that the tourist tax will be in the headlines for all the right and wrong reasons. But really, is it a question of much ado about nothing? I think so. I have said on numerous occasions in this space that provided that the money from the tourist tax is spent on improving local resorts and protecting the environment, I don´t think it is a bad idea. Do the critics of the tourist tax really believe that tourists will shun the Balearics over a 20 euro tax? We are talking about a round of drinks in a Palma bar. Provided tourists are made to feel part of the drive to improve and update the island they love I am sure that the tourist tax can be a success.