The Bulletin is in the process of producing a special supplement for the forthcoming World Travel Market tourism fair in London which will be distributed at the fair early next month. The Balearic tourism minister, Biel Barcelo, has written a message to visiting British tourists giving an up-date on the controversial tourist tax. In his message he gives an example: a family of four with two children under 14 years staying in high season for eight days in a four-star hotel will have to pay 18.4 pounds (25 euros). If they prefer a three-star hotel, the tax will be 11.75 pounds (16 euros). So really, despite all the criticism and claims, we are not talking big sums of money. Granted it is a tax and no one likes paying taxes but this is a surcharge which will make the island a better place. Now over the coming weeks I suspect that the tourist tax will be in the headlines for all the right and wrong reasons. But really, is it a question of much ado about nothing? I think so. I have said on numerous occasions in this space that provided that the money from the tourist tax is spent on improving local resorts and protecting the environment, I don´t think it is a bad idea. Do the critics of the tourist tax really believe that tourists will shun the Balearics over a 20 euro tax? We are talking about a round of drinks in a Palma bar. Provided tourists are made to feel part of the drive to improve and update the island they love I am sure that the tourist tax can be a success.


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keith / Hace over 5 years

now start talking 2 parents,4 children, 4partners,12 grand children(eldest 18)x twice a year and you start talking money.but then again if makes your adopted home a better place to live in I will go somewhere else for our holidays


Sean Dobson / Hace over 5 years

Methinks thou dost protest too much,Jason. Barcelo has yet to produce the exact figures of just how much tourist tax will have to be paid,by who and how but you and he can be sure of two things:however much is charged will be that much less that will be spent in the resort and sticky fingers will get hold of some of the money,as sure as night follows day.


Steve Pickering / Hace over 5 years

Quote " Granted it is a tax and no one likes paying taxes but this is a surcharge which will make the island a better place. " Unquote.

How can you be sure the tax will fund improvements ? Did the last tourist tax ??

I'm actually surprised the government havent just targeted 'All-Inclusive' Hotels. Or is that the next tax, SAVE THE LOCAL BARS AND RESTAURANTS TAX ??


Anne / Hace over 5 years

For a family with 2 teenagers of 15 and 17 it would be double that presumably - enough to make the difference between choosing the Balearics or somewhere else. After all the tourist who is being taxed won't find any immediate benefits.