I find it quite amazing when people moan that there is nothing to do during the so-called low season on Majorca. The resorts may be closed but everything else is open for business and there are no shortage of hotels in Palma and other areas of the island which stay open all year. One example of the winter activities are the fairs in Inca. Three fairs are held, beginning last Sunday, ahead of the big fair next month. Now, Inca is a town I enjoy visiting; it is like a  mini-Palma but with a rural feel. Full marks to the Inca council for organising the three Sunday fairs. Last Sunday there were your traditional fruit and vegetables stalls, coupled with those selling other food items, clothes, accessories and much more. There was traditional dancing in the main town square and Inca had a real party feel. Also, it must be remembered that there is a first class train service from the Plaza España. I also get the impression that Inca is cheaper than Palma and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants, which offer good value for money. I would urge the local authorities to promote these fairs during the low season across nothern Europe. It is just another reason why you should visit Majorca during the winter. I think the local council should also be congratulated for organising such a wide variety of events. Majorca is a great place in the winter, the only thing we have to do is spread the word and get the ball rolling. Winter tourism could be a reality on Majorca.