The recent elections in Catalonia gave the pro-independence parties a slim majority, but I suspect that many in Catalonia are still unclear as to whether or not they want a breakaway from Spain. The Spanish government´s attitude towards Catalonia has been poor to say the least. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has used bully-boy tactics to try and end the push for independence in one of Spain´s richest regions but at the same time all he has done is scored an own goal. However, things could change if Rajoy is defeated in the general elections in Spain in December. If there is a new Spanish government perhaps they should take a more friendlier approach to Catalonia. I don´t think it would be competely outrageous for the government to let Catalonia have a referendum on independence. I think that if Madrid took a “nicer approach”, a majority of people would vote no to a breakaway. The only thing that Rajoy´s tactics are doing is furthering the cause for a breakaway. Now the regional government in Catalonia, which is pro-indepencence, has said that it would start a “road-map” which could lead to its breakaway from Spain. The Spanish government has once again vowed to halt this move. What Rajoy has to realise once and for all is that the drive for independence in Catalonia is not going to go away. In fact it is growing. All those who support independence are not going to change their minds overnight. Spain has a problem.