Frank Leavers is writing a full obituary in honor of the late Simon Peters who sadly, after a long battle with illness, passed away today.

The space I have in the following few paragraphs is far from enough to pay tribute to a wonderful person who was so well known in Majorca for so many reasons.

Be it receiving tourists at the airport for tour firms or making sure others got to their cruise ships on time, Simon was one to never lie around in the sun doing nothing. If he was not working, he was a crucial cog in the workings of the cricket club but, more importantly he, and of course with his widow Wendy, was an avid supporter of the Help For Heroes charity for wounded soldiers, and they have collected thousands of euros for the cause by selling H4H wristbands, one which I am wearing as I write this, as well as other items from the H4H collection.

His passing will leave a large hole in the local community and, while I know his family will receive all and more of the support and comfort they need, I hope that someone comes forward to continue his legacy of raising funds for H4H.

It is such as important cause, especially looking after those who are "invisibly wounded", as Prince Harry described them in the United States last week: those soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who so often go ignored.

Please do not let Simon’s hard work go to waste.