For the last six months we have been printing banner headlines saying how great the strong pound is for the local economy. And it is true, if British tourists have far greater spending power than say, two years ago. But a word of advice; it works the other way. Britain is terribly expensive for anyone travelling there with the euro. The rate of exchange is a nightmare. Thankfully, Britain doesn´t make much anymore because the price of British exports to the Eurozone will have risen by at least 25 per cent in the space of two years. A strong pound is good for British tourists heading to the Eurozone, a nightmare for those heading to Britain with the single currency. But while London may not offer value for money, it certainly makes it up with quality service. I was pleasantly suprised at how polite staff are when dealing with the public. It is amazing how things have changed in Britain, because ten years ago rudeness amongst staff was quite common. Perhaps the recession has made people more aware of the need to be polite and helpful.

On a final note, I heard of the passing while I was in London of my good friend Simon Peters. Simon was a lovely man, always helpful and always willing to offer advice. He was a true gentleman who did much for Majorca. He will be sadly missed. I will be unable to attend the funeral tomorrow, because of the Bulletin golf tournament, but I will be thinking of you Wendy and above all Simon Peters.