The official census says that there has been a decline in the number of expats living in the Balearics. If I didn´t know the British expat community I would be slightly concerned. But I do know the British expat community and I know that there is a British expat school of thought that you don´t put your head over the parapet. I have heard the phrase keep a low profile in expat circles ever since I moved to the island. It is a rather outdated expression but unfortunately it still exists. The theory is that if you are on the census you are in the system and if you are in the system you might get a call from the Tax Office. This is not the case at all, but try telling some expats that! So in some ways, and no disrespect to the Spanish authorities, I do not really believe the official figures. The British community is far larger than the official census suggests and if the community which is "in the system" has declined I would say that it is a direct result of the present economic conditions. I can see why the local authorities get annoyed with some expats. Obviously, they want accurate figures which clearly show how many people are living in their municipalities. But no. Future generations of expats might perhaps realise that if you are registered with your local council you are entitled to many benefits and you can also vote in council elections. According to the official census there has been a foreign exodus from the islands. I don´t think so!