If you have lived in Spain as long as I have then you grow accustomed to getting criticism over Britain, its people, its way of life and of course its food. It is good friendly banter and usually ends up with an attack on British ownership of a rocky outcrop on the southern tip of Spain. I usually take the criticism in the way it is given out, with a grin. But I will not admit criticism of British food or restaurants in Britain. Years ago, yes, British food could be described as poor, and when I say British food I mean the food which is served in British restaurants. London has become one of the culinary capitals of the world. Spain´s top chef, David Muñoz, who has three Michelin stars, says that one of his dreams is to open a restaurant in London. Yes London, not Paris or Berlin, but the place where the food is allegedly so poor. The changing tastes of people, more foreign travel and the influx of chefs from across the world have transformed many British eateries. And what is more it is not that expensive to eat out in Britain. Some Palma restaurants should take note. I have been accused of being boring because I always go to the same four restaurants in Majorca. Why, because I know they are good and I know that I will not be ripped off. There are many fine and excellent restaurants on the island, but I do agree with Frank Leavers in his Confidential Column earlier this week that a small minority of restaurants need to get their act together and check their prices.