“I live here on Majorca, but on this occasion I have to vote with my head not my heart and Britain should leave the EU. I will probably have to go back to the UK as I won’t be able to afford private health care at my time of life, I will probably lose my Spanish pension too ... .” This was a statement yesterday in one of the debates on our Facebook site about the European Union referendum which clearly underlines the fact that opinions are mixed even amongst expats, who you would have thought would be more pro-European Union. The poll on our website showed today that there was more support for leaving the European Union than staying. We are living in interesting times and I don't think I have ever known such an issue which raises such varied opinions like the European Union. Judging by the comments I have seen on social media sites and our own website, I would say that the referendum result is too close to call and Prime Minister David Cameron may be looking at defeat. Cameron took a gamble on Europe, promised a referendum but it looks as if it could just backfire. Not only is his own party in open warfare there is a possibility that he will face a leadership challenge from London mayor, Boris Johnson, even if he wins the referendum vote. The extent of opposition to the EU is clearly underlined by our Facebook reader, who is even prepared to leave home and go back to Britain.