Dear Sir,
If Britain leaves the European Union, will the European Health Insurance Card EHIC (E.111) medical assistance cover become redundant? Will tourists then need to ensure they have full medical cover, on their travel insurance? Or have to take out a seperate medical insurance policy for travel throughout Europe?

How will the loss of the EHIC affect the British residents in Europe? Of whom some may have to return to the UK.

The current European medical costs are very high, and with a falling Euro exchange rate, British pensioners may be forced to return to the UK, even before the referendum result is known.

Should Britain come out of the EU, will other countries want to leave the EU too? There could be a domino effect and the Euro currency would completely disintergrate. The Euro would become worthless, pension schemes would collapse. European countries would then return to their original individual currencies.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. F.S.Jessop
Sa Coma.