The local government needs to be exceptionally careful when it comes to spending the money from the tourist tax. Més, the Majorcan nationalist party, whose leader, Biel Barcelo, is the regional minister for tourism, has said that the money should be used to help senior citizens. Now, this is an exceptionally worthy cause, but I thought that the tourist tax cash would be used to improve holiday resorts and would not be earmarked for other projects which should come out of the general Balearic budget. As I have said on numerous occasions in this space, I do not believe that tourists will have trouble paying the tax so long as it is spent wisely on projects involving tourism. Tourist tax cash to improve resorts is one thing, tourist tax cash to be spent on completely unrelated projects is another. To avoid any sort of backlash the Balearic government has to be exceptionally careful. Tourists need to be informed where the money is going to be spent because after all it is an extraordinary tax not just a normal surcharge. If I was a German or British tourist, I would not be very impressed if my hard-earned money was being spent on projects which should be paid for by the Spanish taxpayer not visiting holidaymakers. The last time the Balearic government attempted to introduce a surcharge of this sort it was withdrawn because of the backlash from tourists and the media in Britain and Germany. To avoid a repetition the government has to be careful.