If you had asked me a month ago would Britain be pulling out of the European Union, I would have said a confident no. These days I am not too sure and I suspect that thousands of people across Britain must be thinking the same thing. London mayor, Boris Johnson, joining the exit camp was a major victory and it is probably one of the reasons why many are now doubting the merits of European Union membership. Even some elements of the business community appear to back an exit. Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron, appears to have gone from hero to zero in the eyes of many of his own party. Cameron has been too forceful when campaigning for the “no” camp. It appears that he is on a personal crusade which unfortunately looks as if it will end in tears. Certain sections of the Conservative Party believe that he will face a leadership challenge soon after the referendum and some political commentators claim that he will be replaced by Johnson before the end of the year. My view remains the same. Britain is better off in Europe. I do not believe that the “stand alone trading nation” is actually possible because the British economy is built around the service sector. You can't sell Range Rovers to India because they already own the company and you can't sell Minis to the Germans for the same reason. Britain has the fifth biggest economy in the world, so if it isn't broken why fix it? Answers on a postcard, please. 


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Larry Henson / Hace over 5 years

I suggest you look at William Hill who have Remain at 1/3 on and Leave at 9/4. These guys probably know best. I am right on the fence but hate being lied to and will probably self destruct and give my vote to the ones who do it least! The Government I feel should sit on the fence and just supply the facts instead they are playing a very strange game taking the line of the old school and making a fool of themselves! I suspect they would deny the earth was round if it suited them!.


ginger hughes / Hace over 5 years

It is not a question of "fix it " the aim is to expand it ...break off the Brussels constraints ...think !!!


Andrew Ede / Hace over 5 years

Steve, the majority of readers of this website are UK-based, so the voting patterns could well reflect this. I've asked the techie chappie if he can in fact identify the source of votes, but it seems he hasn't found the right button yet.


Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

You're right Jason, in that current opinion polls in the UK are running both camps closer together. No doubt as voting time approaches we shall see both sides rolling out their Big Guns, and the success or failure of that will have massive influence on how we all vote. I'm still prepared to listen to logical arguments from both sides. What surprises me is that from my analysis of comments and voting patterns here on the Bulletin website, ex-pats in Mallorca are strongly in the "out" camp. At the moment they enjoy free movement, equality of laws, reciprocal health care, and in all taxes etc. they have EU protection. Once the turkeys have voted for Christmas I really cannot see that continuing.


Mike / Hace over 5 years

"If you had asked me a month ago…"

Another example of why most don't really bother with your editorials, Jason. Your views vacillate from the sublime to the ridiculous.

You also display a rather tenuous grasp on the Brexit situation in the UK, rather akin to your deficient handle on life for us immigrants (expats in your pejorative language) who live outside your Palma bubble.

Stick to reporting, Jason. Your editorials hold little merit.