If and when we get the vote in the forthcoming European Union referendum it could be a victory for Prime Minister David Cameron. An unlikely one, but a victory. The prime minister could just need some of the 700,000 expatriates who will be able to vote if the 15-year rule is abolished to swing the referendum in favour of the stay vote. At the moment Cameron appears to be rather losing the battle to convince Britain that it should stay in the European Union. The polls say it and so do commentators. I have my doubts that all expats are in favour of Britain´s membership of the EU but surely the majority would support Britain staying in because at the end of the day they benefit directly from Britain´s EU membership. Additional voters could be a welcome relief for the prime minister. The "stay"camp campaign is rather negative at the moment. I haven't heard anyone give a good account as to why Britain should stay in the European Union. Meanwhile, the "leave" camp appears to be doing a rather good job of saying that everything would be brilliant if Britain left. If we do get the vote in the referendum it will mean that the British government has finally realised that expats should be given the vote for life and not just for 15 years. The stakes are high in the referendum debate but Cameron should realise that help is close at hand. Give us the vote, prime minister, and you may find that the pro-European expats give you the victory that you want.