So Iain Duncan Smith, a brief failure of a leader of the Conservative Party, has resigned from his post as work and pensions secretary on the grounds that he does not agree with the changes and cuts to disability payments announced by the chancellor in this week’s budget. That is very noble of him as the argument over the benefits shake up continues to rumble on. However, few expatriates will be shedding any tears that IDS has quit.

Ever since being surprisingly appointed to the position after the 2010 election, IDS has been on the case of millions of Britons living overseas. It was IDS who scrapped cold weather payments for the majority of British expatriates and made it increasingly difficult for expatriates to not only return home after a lengthy spell abroad but also receive health care etc. in the UK. Let us hope that his successor Stephen Crabb is more understanding to the needs of expatriates. Goodbye IDS.