Palma city council is always quick to point out that the city is a "cycling friendly place". It is a great pity that a small minority of cyclists in the city are not friendly and could be described as dangerous. Sizeable chunks of pavements were ripped out in Palma to make way for cycle tracks. A great idea, but it would be a good idea if cyclists stuck to their designated paths. Palma’s premier shopping street, Jaime III, is not only popular with shoppers but cyclists as well. Some, and I am talking about a small minority, seem to take delight in riding along the pavement dodging pedestrians. Their speed is also of concern. But the problem is even more pronounced in Cuidad Jardin, the coastal resort just outside the centre of the city. The cycle track is very well used but it has become a speed track. You cross it at your peril. I have seen so many incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists I am always amazed that there are not more injuries. There are council laws which tackle cyclists but they never seem to be enforced. One of the biggest problems, I would say, would be the need for our pedal power friends to control their speed. Surely cycling in Palma, with a large number of pedestrians, should be a relaxed affair. Unfortunately, this is not the case with some cyclists thinking that they are competing in the Tour de France. I welcome the council’s move towards cycling but the council also has a duty to keep everyone safe.