The US Secretary of State must surely know what it is really like to be on the losing the side, he lost the 2004 presidential election campaign to George W Bush! Most people after that would have done the honourable thing. But now he’s back and he’s spent this week globe trotting telling the world that, despite the Brussels attacks, Europe on red alert and scores of people being killed by suicide bombers in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, the US. - by which I hope he includes the west as well - is winning the fight against ISIS, although he denied we are at war with them.

Let us face facts, since G.W. Bush, to a lesser extent his papa, and Bill Clinton roamed around the White House, doing a bit of wood chopping and golfing, the US. and western allies have been involved in a number of wars, quite big ones, which we have lost at a great cost to human life and which are still rumbling on. We are now paying the price for having lost those wars and retreated with no exit plans at all, which fuelled the extremism we are now facing.