There is an interesting feature on the BBC website about political corruption on the island. Now, initially I was rather shocked by the article which basically underlined some of the  problems which exist “in paradise.” “Spanish sleaze: Majorca faces corruption cleanup...” is the headline for the article which includes interviews with serving politicians. “On a bigger scale, the Metro underground in Palma, Majorca’s capital, cost €350m but is used by just 1.2 million passengers a year, or just 3,288 passengers a day, the equivalent of a busy bus route....,” the article says and goes on to report: “over the past five years, 16 former Balearic PP politicians and eight members of Unio Mallorquina, a hinge party which joined the PP and Socialists in power in the archipelago, have been jailed for corruption and malpractice....”  The report really brings home the problem of corruption on Majorca and the extraordinary incidents which have happened over recent years from the jailing of former Balearic President Jaume Matas to Princess Cristina going on trial in Palma for tax offences. The article ends with a quote from a media professional who says: “Majorca is a rich person’s paradise but people should look more closely at the other side. Corruption is making people want to go elsewhere.” This may be the case but I do not think that anyone can criticise the judiciary or the police for their efforts to bring corruption under control at all levels.