Well at last someone is talking about forming a government in Spain. Initially, I feared that the main political parties had forgotten the minor little fact that Spain hasn't had a government since the general elections ended in stalemate back in December. Podemos, the political party formed out of the anti-austerity movement at the height of the recession, will be holding talks with the Spanish Socialist Party about forming a coalition. This is not new but the chances of this ever happening were dealt a severe blow when the Socialists formed a coalition pact with the centre-right party Ciudadanos, also one of the new breed of political parties in Spain. Podemos, the "baby" of mainstream Spanish politics threw their toys out of the pram and walked away from any coalition deal. But they appear to have returned to the negotiating table and the prospect of a Spanish government is once again back on the table. Now, what will have to be decided is who backs who; whether it will be a coalition between the Socialists and Ciudadanos with the backing of Podemos or the Socialists and Podemos with the backing of Ciudadanos. The combined votes of all three parties are needed to secure a working majority in parliament, but the possibility of all three parties forming a coalition is slim. There is plenty of hard work ahead but at least someone is talking about forming a government in Spain.