I wish Balearic governments, and I mean the present one and its predecessors, would think before they speak. The president of the government, Francina Armengol, said today that she wanted more “quality” tourists. Now what does quality mean? Does that mean that the millions of loyal tourists who come to these islands every year are no longer wanted? Now, basically what Armengol was trying to say was that she wanted tourists with a greater spending power. She was not saying that the tourists who come here at the moment are inferior in any way. Armengol and previous Balearic presidents should pick their words with care because some tourists could find them rather offensive. This drive up-market is all very well but it must be remembered that every holiday destination across the world wants “quality tourists”. The chances of the islands receiving millions of “quality tourists” are highly unlikely. So, the Balearics will have to settle for fewer tourists but who spend more money. Fantastic. But it must be remembered that hundreds of hotels will be made redundant along with thousands of bars and restaurants. You can't have your cake and eat it. The Balearics have been trying to push up-market for many years. In some ways they have been quite successful but the mass tourism resorts obviously still exist and will continue to do so.  Be happy, Balearic government, that you have so many loyal tourists.