The local authorities are not big on providing support for the nautical industry even though it is one of the big bread winners for the local economy. It is a big industry which employs thousands of people across the island. And business is good. In fact, Palma is becoming the nautical centre of the western Mediterranean. Crews are abandoning the highly expensive South of France and heading to Majorca where they will be based. Now, obviously this state of affairs will mean a massive injection of cash for the local economy. Yet more money. But Palma needs to market itself as the nautical base of the industry and provide crews with support and help. Palma City Council could copy the Calvia's idea of introducing a foreigners' department which could be directed at yacht crews to help them settle in Palma. The fact that Palma is home to some of the biggest superyachts in the world is great news and Majorca should try and develop the nautical industry even further. The boat show at the end of this month is the highlight of the nautical calendar on Majorca, but with the help of the industry the fair could be even better and even bigger. One of my major criticisms of the show is that it doesn't offer more events and activities for children and to a lesser extent adults. It should be a fun event, not just one that is aimed exclusively at the boating industry. The nautical industry is helping to keep Majorca afloat but it could do with some help.