SOME sections of the British population are stuck in the past and cannot move forward, i.e. those still obsessed with Prince William’s mother, the late Princess of Wales, and the Prince’s advisors are playing a very clever game by using her memory to protect William and his family from being criticised. Granted, recently comments have been made about his job, or rather lack of hours at it, and questions have been asked about this visit to India and Bhutan. It was supposed to be in order to boost trade relations at taxpayers’ expense. Trade relations with India, yes; Bhutan, one of the few paradises on earth (highly overrated from my experience), no.
The only industry, and fledgling at that, is tourism and tourism-related, so the visit was great publicity for Bhutan but I, and many other commentators, fail to see what the UK will gain from the trip.
But all that will be forgotten and overshadowed by William walking in his late mother’s footsteps at the Taj Mahal 24 years on.