I find it rather odd that a US president is having to lead the charge for Britain to stay in the European Union. What is the European Union doing to try and convince the great British public that Europe is good for Britain? Barack Obama has done a fantastic job this week pushing for EU membership in Britain, but at the same time he is a rather unlikely candidate to be the champion of the merits of European Union. The United States is one of the main international export competitors of the European Union. It could be argued that Britain pulling out of Europe is good news for the US because it splits Europe. But if and when Britain decides to remain in the European club, then they can thank Obama for his support. Not only has the US president made a great appeal to the British public to stay with the EU, indirectly he made Boris Johnson, the mayor of London and one of the leaders of the out campaign, look a complete idiot with his knee-jerk reaction, anti-empire comments directed towards Obama. A good week for the "in" campaign I would say. One good thing about the "special relationship", you can always ask your Big Brother across the pond for a favour.