Do I get the impression that the holiday season to beat all holiday seasons hasn't got off to the greatest start? Businesses are already complaining about the lack of tourists and their spending power and it is only the first week in May. A month ago you got the impression that Majorca had everything in its favour and we were heading for a record-breaking holiday period. But as the days go by a certain amount of concern is starting to creep into the holiday industry. Palma is certainly getting the numbers thanks to regular visits from cruise ships but their spending power leaves a lot to be desired, according to some sources. The fall in the value of sterling against the euro and the introduction of the tourist tax has hit the British market. No one is too sure by how much but it will dent the market. Also, there are reports that a growing number of British holidaymakers will stay at home again this summer because of fears over terror attacks. Now, I have no doubt that Majorca will have a good holiday season. But will it be as good as pre-season forecasts suggested? Well probably not. I think the local ministry for tourism should have worked harder on promotion and to underline the joys of Majorca during both the summer and winter months. I think with all the problems in competing resorts in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean the tourist industry rather sat back and of course there is a danger that tourists could simply go elsewhere.