"Ww will not allow all tthe hard work of many to be ruined by a few," Calvia council said today after a meeting with local businesspeople from Magalluf, Palmanova and Santa Ponsa ahead of the start of the busy summer season. The council made it clear at the meeting that bad behaviour will not be tolerated. The get-tough stance is nothing new: they will just be continuing with their policy of trying to weed out anti-social behaviour across the resorts. What is clear is that what happens in Magalluf can tarnish Majorca's good image. Millions of euros have been invested in the resort to take it up-market and the council and the local business community believe that all the hard work which has been done up to now shouldn't be ruined. And of course they are not wrong. I think the council are right to try and get the local business community onside because an element of unity is certainly needed. But the council also stressed that they would be launching a crackdown to ensure that all laws were being abided by. The crackdown will also involve officials from the local ministries for employment and health. I do believe that Magalluf can change. But everyone needs to work together. Anti-social behaviour can't be tolerated. A single incident in Magalluf this summer could ruin all the hard work which has been done to show the world that Magalluf is finally changing for the better. The council and the business community need to work as one.