Third World War, recession, more expensive holidays, a slump in the pound; you name it, nothing good is going to come out of leaving the EU, according to David Cameron and the Remain camp. But I’m not convinced by the Out campaign either. To be honest I think both camps are starting to get a little carried away with their threats and claims - what’s Hitler got to do with it?

If it’s not broken, why fix it? Granted, the EU is not perfect. How could it be with 28 different members with different languages, religions, cultures and outlooks on life? But in a strange way it does work.

Some of the countries lead by example, the power houses like the UK, France and Germany, while others tend to hang on for the ride - Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal never doing what they are told by Brussels but they get caught out sooner or later.

Yes, Britain does perhaps stick to the EU rule book too strictly, hence why some people feel cheated by Brussels and that is why Cameron is right to work towards getting a better and fairer deal for Britain, but pulling out will cause more trouble than it is worth. Not only will there be years of uncertainty as to how Britain fits in on the world stage, but for families who have relatives abroad in the EU or Britons working in the EU, the situation, conditions and demands could change radically and probably not be for the better.

I’m in London this week, I’ll see what they are talking about on the buses because, to be honest, I don’t know.