Son Bonet airfield has so much potential but it is continuing to be ignored by the local and Spanish airport authorities.

Once upon a time, it had a bar, but even that has since closed and I know that businesses at the airport and users of the airfield are frustrated by the wasted opportunities.

For example, business people would like to see the airport open earlier. It doesn't open until 8am and people regularly flying off for meetings would rather the airport opened at 6am so they could make more practical use of the airport. Being open longer would also attract more small jets to the island.

I know there is a private jet terminal at Palma airport but a lot of people prefer Son Bonet. For those coming from the north of island, for example, it’s much quicker and easier to get to. One can also slip out of a private jet and jump into a helicopter to continue one’s journey, something which cannot be done at Palma airport.

The runway could also do with being 200 metres longer. If it was extended to a kilometre in length it would enable larger private jets to land.

And, as someone who part owns a plane pointed out to me over lunch the other day, children love planes - they could open the airport to the general public. Kids could see all the forest firefighting planes, the helicopters, watch planes come and go; they love that kind of stuff. More important than anything else - open the bar and make it more user friendly.