Britain's withdrawal from the European Union has done the local ministry for tourism few favours. When they first pondered the introduction of the tourist tax, sterling was riding high against the euro. Many, including myself, thought that British tourists would not be too bothered about a tourist tax because they were receiving so much more for their pounds. But as we all know the value of sterling has dropped substantially against the euro, meaning that the spending power of British tourists has been dented and now they have to pay a tourist tax. We are talking pennies rather than pounds, but if you are feeling the economic pinch, then you are not going to be too happy.

The ministry for tourism says that resorts across the world now have tourist taxes, and they are right. Also, the money from the surcharge will be used to ease the "ecological footprint" of tourism. And of course they are right. You have to take into account that during the summer months the Balearic population rises to the two million mark; one million residents, one million tourists.

I do not think that the tourist tax is a bad idea as along as the money is well spent and providing that the economic situation is right. For British tourists the sudden fall in the value of the pound will have hit them hard. Their holiday is more expensive, their spending power has been reduced and now they will have to pay a tourist tax as well.
Interesting times.

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Daver / Hace over 5 years

" pennies rather than pound's". I wish it were.


Mike / Hace over 5 years

I think we all know that the omni-shambles of Brexit has and will do far more damage to the tourist's pocket.


STAN JESSOP / Hace over 5 years

Great Britain are to introduce a Visitors Tax, to mirror the Countries that tax tourists like Mallorca.

The Hotels with All Inclusive tariffs will benefit most. Corruption will become endemic.

Self employed business, like restaurants and their suppliers, will go Bankrupt as All Inclusive tourists remain as prisoners of their Hotels. Tourists will have less money to spend, as the Tax and exchange rate hits their spending money.