Just seven days after the European Union referendum madness and the favourite to be named new prime minister is Theresa May, who in fact campaigned against leaving the EU. Some of the leading newspapers which campaigned for a "yes" vote have given her their full backing. Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, who was being tipped as a possible PM, is out. Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish chief minister, who had claimed that Scotland should be allowed to stay in the EU because a majority of people had voted "no", found that her plan was stalled by the Spanish who said that if Britain leaves, so does Scotland. The turmoil on the financial markets does appears to have stopped as well.

So basically, we are almost back to square one. The favourite to be the new PM comes from the "stay" camp, Scotland has been told to think again and the financial meltdown has been stopped. Taking all this into account why did David Cameron resign? If May can get the top job, then Cameron should be able to stay. There are tough negotiations on the horizon so why not leave it to the person who was democratically elected by the British people? Cameron is obviously the best person for the job. Once the negotiations are completed then he can resign. Thankfully, after seven days of storm there now appears to be some calm. The next few weeks are going to be difficult but at least the rocky ship Britain appears to be steady.


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Mike / Hace over 5 years

"The next few weeks are going to be difficult but at least the rocky ship Britain appears to be steady."

For God's sake man, they haven't invoked Article 50 yet. Anybody who thinks they can predict the UK economy in two years time based on this week's market results is a fecking idiot.


Gabor Varga / Hace over 5 years

Farage resigning? Pathetic is the word comes to mind! The whole referendum must be done again after all the news coming through recently.


Mark / Hace over 5 years

I'd watch Andrea Leadsom if I were you. She was a Brexiteer from the outset and although she doesn't have Cabinet experience (neither did David Cameron I hasten to add) she has a stellar career in banking behind her and may yet prove to be the Conservative Party's choice.


Sara / Hace over 5 years

Stan: Absolutely not!!! Heaven forbid! But nothing to do with her gender but rather her political views. As I said, gender has nothing to do with it! You could have left the word 'female' out of your comment and your view would still have been perfectly valid (although not one I share).


STAN JESSOP / Hace over 5 years

SARA-----No doubt you were a supporter of Margaret Thatcher !.


Sara / Hace over 5 years

Stan Jessop: "To have another female Prime Minister, who believed in 'Remain'. Would be a total disastrous tragedy."

What has gender to do with it? A disgraceful sexist comment!


Simon tow / Hace over 5 years

I was lead to believe, through reading the press and articles on the net, that Teresa May was, sotto vocce, a leaver, but due to her friendship and respect for Cameron, backed his campain to remain. I think she will make an excellent Tory party leader, and will deal with the eurocrats when they start being nasty during the upcoming negotiations. She won´t forgive them for not allowing her to send home certain individuals who shouldn´t have been in the UK in the first place.


STAN JESSOP / Hace over 5 years

I too can not believe the T. May has been proffered as the leading candidate. David Cameron resigned, to facilitate a new " LEAVE " Leader. Who would assemble a 'Leave 'Team. If the Conservatives elect T.MAY, it will be a complete contradiction of what the Country voted for. Can D. Cameron, refute his resignation?. To have another female Prime Minister, who believed in 'Remain'. Would be a total disastrous tragedy..